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Assels, Tassels, boylesque

The range of Bobby's choreography credits are as varied as his talents, including several nominations for his work with local theater companies, dance troupes,local variety, cabaret, clown, and cabaret performers, and individuals all over the world through the workshops he has taught. Whether you're looking for high concept choreography, prop training such as fans or assel/tassel twirling, or musicality coaching, Bobby has you covered. His work has been seen across the world, including many international festivals such as the Burlesque Hall of Fame. 

Variety Artists
Drag Queens

“Bobby Barnaby is a pleasure to work with as a choreographer. He takes the time to learn how your body moves and adapts to the style of dance that you favor, while creating a toolbox of movement that you can pull from during live performance. His choreography and care to make movement accessible gives performances a clearer language.”


-Kitty Von Quim


“Working with Bobby Barnaby is a joy!  Whether you are a seasoned performer or a newbie, Bobby meets you at your level. Breaking moves down into easy pieces, I was able to learn new movements quickly with Bobby. I'd work with Bobby again without hesitation!”


-Ginger Skyye


“Bobby taught me in a way that was easy to understand. His patience and experience made the moves that seemed so complicated much more manageable.  I look forward to learning more from him.”


-Devyl Mae Kare

“Bobby is a gem! I've benefited from his incredible quadruple-threat skills in many ways. He's done fantastic choreo for backup dancers for my numbers and also helped me to move more confidently as a solo singer. He's a serious joy to work with: inspiring, motivating and creative.”


-Wiggy Darlington

“The Grant Avenue Follies had the pleasure of having Bobby Barnaby choreograph and teach us a dance.  It was challenging because we danced with hand fans. Bobby is very warm, patient and also very professional.  We've enjoyed watching him dance with us and on stage.  He always leaves us with a smile.”


“It was very special for the Grant Avenue Follies to have Bobby choreograph a dance number for us. He shared his skills, creatvity, flare and style working with us....a wonderful mentor!”


-Living Legends of Burlesque The Grant Avenue Follies

“Best part of my choreography session with Bobby today: "I know how much you love your period so..."

Also! If you are feeling stuck with an act or have an act that needs a tune up (or an entire redo) contact Bobby RIGHT NOW! He is creative, quick, works within your ability and skill set and is an all around magical dancing dreamboat.”


-Andi Stardust

“Bobby Barnaby is an absolute joy to work with. He is friendly, professional, creative, and fun. He is well-versed in many styles of dance, and offers keen suggestions that build off your concepts beautifully.”


-Laika Fox

Choreography created for Kitty Von Quim
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