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Bobby Barnaby the Shimmy Shocker

He's a real handy-dandy and has been delighting audiences for two decades solid. His love of the stage has earned him awards and nominations for his work in dance, choreography and acting alike. Past/Present company member of SF Boylesque, the first all-male neo-burlesque revue in the US, the Bohemian Brethren, Fou Fou Ha, Red Hots Burlesque, The Devil-Ettes - Miniskirt Mob, the Tartlettes, the Phishnets, and producer of Barnaby's Babes!


Tease-O-Rama ’08 & ’12

KONIG, King of Boy-lesque '09 

The Vienna BOY-lesque Fest ’14 - the first male burlesque festival in Europe

The New York BOY-lesque Fest ’13, '15 & '16

The Seattle BOY-lesque Fest '15, '18

The Windy City Burlesque Fest ’11 & ’14

The Great Boston Burlesque Expo '13 & '14

The Arizona Burlesque Fest '14 & '15

The Edmonton Burlesque Fest '15, '16, & '17

The Colorado Burlesque Fest '15 & '16

The Toronto Burlesque Fest '16

The Smoky Mountain Burlesque Fest '16, '17, '18, & '19

The Texas Burlesque Fest '17, '18, & '19

The Ohio Burlesque Fest '17

The Swiss Burlesque Fest '17 

The Stockholm Burlesque Fest '17

The Berlin Burlesque Fest '17

The Bohemian Burlesque Fest '17

The Amsterdam Burlesque Awards '17

The Vancouver International Burlesque Fest '18

Show Me Burlesque Fest '18

The Nashville Burlesque Fest '18

Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival '19

HEADLINER: The Freezing Tassel Burlesque Fest '18

HEADLINER: The Texas Queerlesque Fest '18

HEADLINER: The Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival '19 

WINNER: King of Burlesque- The Texas Burlesque Fest 2018

WINNER: King of Boylesque- The Amsterdam Burlesque Awards 2017

WINNER: First Runner-up- The Swiss Burlesque Festival 2017

WINNER: Judges Choice Award- The Great Boston Burlesque Expo 2013

WINNER: Whipping Boy Award- KONIG, King of Boylesque 2009

America’s Got Talent TV Show

Satan’s Angel-Queen of the Fire Tassels

"When he bends over you can see right into his soul!"

  -Lulu Cachoo

Bobby Barnaby
Reigning King of Burlesque: Amsterdam, First and only King of the Texas Burlesque Fest. 
The Rhinestoned Romeo

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